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H2O Hospitality Hotels, Resorts Marketing

H2O hospitality is the all inclusive hotel marketing agency. We have one objective - to fill your hotel with paying customers to 100% occupancy for 100% of the time.


We don’t just build websites or sell you some software - our aim is to form long lasting consultancy partnerships with boutique hotels, guest houses and backpackers' hostels to increase their occupancy andgenerate additional revenues.


As experts in hotel marketing and revenue management our team design custom marketing, advertising and bookings systems based on your unique position and offerings in your market. If you would like to increase your hotels occupancy rates and your hotels revenues H2O are ideally positioned as your local partner capable of delivering increased $$$ to your business every month. You could be making more money for your business within 30 days, simply contact us using the form on the right for more information.


Can you answer these questions?


Hospitality Websites - We design and develop websites convert browsers to bookers much more efficiently, in fact to date our hotel website conversion rates average between 3% and 12% of traffic - thats up to 2X and 8X the industry average of 1.5%. Do you need twice as many customers? What about six times more customers?


Hospitality Online Marketing - Using a wide range of marketing services from H2O our customers use content, videos, blogs, SEO, online pay per click and display advertising to achieve an average of 89.2% occupancy.  Would you like to increase your occupancy rates?


Increase Direct Bookings - Using our bookings technology our clients generate between 3 times and 8 times more direct bookings than the industry average.  More direct bookings means less money paid to Agoda,, and other online travel agencies.  Would you like to pay less in commissions?

Reduce Tedious Manual Tasks - Our clients used to waste an average of 38.2 days per year updating multiple bookings systems, now they automate it which means more time with paying clients and focusing on service. Would you like more time on your hands?


Improved Check In - Thanks to using our PMS system our clients don't get "overbooked" any more, they also manage to automate much of their client communications and updates. Would you like less drama on the front desk?


Free Money? - What we do is generate more revenues for our clients and help them reduce costs, by working with us you will increase bookings volume, reduce your operation business costs and improve service delivery.  In short we are one of the very few suppliers that you will not be able to live without when you see the results.  Would you like a supplier to make you money?

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